Page 3 - Yes Manchester Strategic Business Plan
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How we are funded
It’s crucial for yes to maintain the core level of funding we received in 2015/16, while still exploring other options for securing our income. We will obtain the core funding by October 2016.
Maintaining adequate funding levels is a major risk to yes.
The key to this will be having a mutually supportive relationship with Northwards Housing and Manchester City Council, our main contributors. To meet this objective, we will aim to set up a biannual review meeting with the chief executive of Northwards and the chair
of the Northwards board, as well as a biannual review with senior leaders at Manchester City Council.
We will continue to foster good relationships with Re:vision. They help support people into work and training and provide funding to support yes. We will continue to work closely with Re:vision in the future developing new areas of work.
To secure other sources of funding, we will work with other partners and delivery agencies on bids for work. To ensure the longer term  nancial security of yes, we will focus on this area of operation during the Autumn/Winter of 2016. By March 2017 we will have developed a funding plan for 2017/18 and will have secured or identi ed the required funding for stability.
We will also monitor cash- ow closely, in order to manage any risks associated with funding.

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