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How we will manage our reputation
As noted above, the biggest way we can secure our reputation is by helping people.
The impact of word-of-mouth can’t be overstated – clients and employers will sing our praises if we are doing a good job.
This relies on well-trained, well-motivated sta . But there are other things we can do to consolidate our reputation within the community.
These include increased promotion on
the yes website, as well as encouraging engagement on our social media channels. We will also use partner events to promote yes and will also enter submissions for awards.
Managing our data carefully is important here too – not to do so could present major reputational, legal and regulatory risks to the organisation.
How we will work with our employees and volunteers; and how we will manage our o ces
Our employees and volunteers are our greatest asset – their dedication to the job is down to the fact that they really care about our clients.
We currently have six employees at yes
and we will plan to maintain that number in 2016/17. We will ensure that they are well trained and given the chance to develop,
to increase employee engagement.
It’s a reputational risk if we don’t have the resources to provide the service and our e orts to make employees the best they can be helps to mitigate this risk.
We also have four active volunteers – this number varies due to the nature of volunteering.
We will train and support a number of active volunteers during the 2016/17  nancial year.
We will develop their skills and help them to secure sustainable employment or to access further opportunities.
We will continue to minimise our overheads, seeking opportunities to reduce costs where possible and maintain an e cient service that provides value for money.
We take health and safety very seriously too and have plans in place to deal with any risks to sta , clients and premises.

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